Clearwater Lagoons™ represents a powerful business opportunity, applicable to anywhere in the world, and can be adapted to suit diverse market segments.

Hotels, Resorts & Commercial Centers

An artificial lagoon from Clearwater Lagoons™ enables resorts, hotels and commercial centers to take their outdoor and recreational activities to a new level by offering the beach life on the doorstep of people’s homes.

Leveraging the attraction with bars, restaurants, retail, water sports, weddings and public events creating positive supplementary revenue streams.

Public & Government Sector

Artificial lagoons from Clearwater Lagoons ™ are a valuable project for any government body that wishes to promote tourism, job creation, as well as provide upgraded water sanitation to the public.

Real Estate

Add premium value to your real estate projects with Clearwater Lagoons™.

Our artificial lagoons create a must-see destination anywhere in the world and is well integrated into the surrounding environment to be aesthetically beautiful.

Our artificial lagoons use 30x less water than a conventional golf course and can add up to 10-20%* increase of value on non-lagoon and lagoon front properties.

Water & Adventure Parks

Clearwater Lagoons™ artificial lagoons work admirably as a popular stand-alone lagoon for the public or real estate. However, it can also be leveraged within a water or adventure park to enhance business and recreational experiences.