Clearwater Urban Lagoons

Get ready for paradise in your city with Clearwater Lagoons™

Wrap up your day with a cocktail

With Clearwater Urban Lagoons, you can now experience the beach life in your city. Clearwater Technology allows property developers to create a beach paradise on the doorstep of people’s homes while generating a higher return on investment for your property developments.

Experience a variety of amusement and relaxation throughout the year with water activities, weddings, hosted events, restaurants, retail stores, day clubs and more.

Tropical Bay Package

Enjoy year-round swimming with our Clearwater Lagoons™  Tropical Bay Package. Our energy efficient and cost-effective technology allows you to keep the bathing area warm during the winter months.

Winter Wonderland Package

Is it that time of year to pack up your beach bag and take out your ice skates? Well with Clearwater Lagoons™ Winter Wonderland Package and Concept, you can turn your Summer Lagoon into a Winter Wonderland when winter hits for year-round entertainment and revenue streams.

Best investment during a Pandemic 

During Covid-19 we have seen many countries enforce local and international travel restrictions, along with further restrictions and measures on social gatherings.​

A Clearwater Lagoon™ allows you to find your freedom again by offering the beach life on your doorstep, bypassing any travel restrictions. In addition, to providing an open space with controlled access to provide a safe and enjoyable paradise.