About Us


Clearwater Lagoons™  is a pioneering engineering and construction company devoted to the research, design, manufacture, installation and operations of world renowned artificial lagoons. Our headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Russia, Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Canada, USA, Japan and Australia.

Our mission is to recycle, reuse and repurpose any water source creating cost effective and energy efficient water treatment solutions and artificial lagoon concepts.

Clearwater Lagoons™ is the ONLY company globally – that has this proprietary water purification system, which can recycle the dirtiest of water without chemical additives to provide pristine water clarity.


Clearwater Lagoons™ is a subsidiary of GAST, which was founded in 1961,with its roots in the chemical industry.

GAST provides a complete spectrum of services from design and supply to installation in many industries such as water treatment and geosynthetics. The group’s central philosophy is based on the principle of single point responsibility.